Whisky is one of the things that will get better with age. Old whisky has more depth and amazing flavors. Below are some of the oldest whisky bottles from all over the world:

Old Overholt

This is known to be the oldest whiskey in the United States, having been founded and distilled in 1810 by A. Overholt& Co. The company is a part of Beam Suntory, a company linked to Suntory Holdings in Japan. You will find the whiskey in most liquor shops and is referred to as the basic stone of the American whiskey.

Baker’s Pure Rye Whiskey

The whiskey was distilled in 1847 and is a brand belonging to AdamHerz from the United States. The origin of the whiskey is unknown though there are speculations that it was sourced from Maryland.

The Last Drop 50-Year-Old Double Matured

This whiskey was made in 1965 by the Last Drop Distillers located in the United Kingdom. When the whiskey was initially bottled and dispensed, it was 50 years old. The whiskey was distilled in 2008 by James, Tom, and Peter who are veterans in this industry.

CarsebridgeXtra Old Particular

The whiskey is a single grain scotch whisky aged 52 years. It was distilled by Cambus Distillery in the United Kingdom as a part of their extra old range. When taking it you will discover a fruity taste since it has apples, gooseberry and some spices as ingredients.

The Sovereign

This 53-year-old whiskey is distilled Cambus Distillery, located in Scotland, UK. The independent bottler who made this whiskey only managed to make 267 bottles. You can purchase the whiskey at The Whiskey Shop at a cost of 550 euros. It is unfortunate to note that the distillery that made this whiskey was closed down when a fire broke out where it was located. It was later decommissioned in 1993.

When next you go to your favorite whiskey shop, do not forget to purchase your favorite old whiskey. You will love the taste!