When choosing the right tawny port, you may find it hard to make a decision. Based on experience and the reviews from tawny port lovers, the 20 year old tawny port is the best. This wine is neither too fruity nor too woody which makes it a perfect choice.

When choosing the best 20 year old tawny port, a number of factors will come into play such as:

  • The color: the tawny port should be a mix of brick red at the center and orange amber towards the rim.
  • Aroma: the aroma should be a mix of dried fruits such as apricot, figs and sultana, and brazil nuts.
  • Appearance: when you put the wine in a glass, it should noticeably lift itself but not in a volatile manner.
  • Taste: the 20 year old tawny port should be sweeter than the 10 year old tawny though it should not be unctuous. When taking this wine, you will feel invigorated due to its clean and cool finish.

Here are some of the best 20 year old tawny ports:

Quinta de la Rosa Tawny 20 Years Port

This tawny port has an amazing golden color which is an indication of its age.  It has a complex aroma that is a mix of almonds and spices. When you take it, you will feel a taste of dry fruits and a liqueur flavor.

The wine has a balanced sweetness which makes it a perfect choice. It has the right balance since it is made from the best ingredients.

Ramos Pinto RP20

This 20 year old tawny port is made using ingredients specially picked from an old vineyard in the Douro. It has a deep brown color and has a toasted nut and a quince aroma. When taking this tawny port you will experience a smooth sip and feel the mild heat as a result of the alcohol.

You will love the mild sourness, the roasty taste and the caramel sweetness in this 20 year old tawny port.