Both port and sherry wines are fortified and will mostly be taken as dessert. To help you understand the two better, here is a comparison between them:

Main Ingredient

Port is made using grapes sourced in Douro, North Portugal whereas Sherry is made using white grapes sourced from Spain.


Once you open a port wine, you should keep it in a cool place. You can consume the wine for up to 6 months after opening and the flavor will remain intact.

When you open a sherry bottle, you should consume it immediately especially if it is the delicate Sherries like manzanilla.


Port has a heavy, rich, and sweet texture compared to other wines as its fortification is only done halfway. This is the reason why port wine is sweeter compared to the other wine types, including sherry.

Sherry has a dry texture due to the fortification that takes place after fermentation.

Alcohol content                                  

The alcohol content in port wines is higher as it ranges from 19.5% to 22%. Sherry, on the other hand, has an alcohol content of 11% to 12%.

Grape variety

Port wines can be made from any of the 80 grape varieties. Sherry can only be made from 3 grape varieties.

Some people tend to think that port and sherry are the same since they are both wine ut this is not true. Though they are both fortified wines and are taken before or after dinner, they are completely different. To have a better understanding of the two, the best idea is to taste both of them as only then will you know the difference.

The cost of buying port and sherry wines is different and both have expensive and more affordable brands. You can buy a bottle for less than $10 or choose to buy the most expensive. If you intend to buy a bottle of wine and consume it over a prolonged period, the port wine is a great option.