Studies: Drinking Red Wine May Improve Your Sex Life

Low sex drive is one of the problems that typically wedge a rift between couples. This condition affects both men and women. Red wine is considered the best of all wines. Red wine not only tastes good but it can also enhance your sexual experience. Here’s why you should be drinking red wine.


Boosts Testosterone Levels

According to research, red wine raises your testosterone levels when taken in moderation. Testosterone is the hormone that increases sexual desire. However, you should avoid guzzling too much wine because it might end up reducing your testosterone levels.


A glass or two of red wine with dinner works wonders. You can stir up your loins further by before bedtime with your partner so that the two of you get into the mood. It will work wonders between the sheets.

Red Wine Increases Blood Flow

Another study established that a glass of red wine increases the flow of blood into the erogenous zones of women. Similarly, it increases lubrication. Women who regularly drink red wine in moderation have a higher sex drive compared to those why drink other types of alcohol.

Reduces Chances of Erectile Dysfunction


Red wine is rich in polyphenols. This is a chemical that reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction in men by up to 14%. Also, red wine contains significant amounts of histamines, which are chemical compounds that can improve your sexual desire.

Red Wine Gets You into the Mood Psychologically

When you share a bottle of wine with your partner, you are likely to feel more attracted to him/her. Throw in some action, and you have the right recipe for a steamy lovemaking session.

Red wine stimulates your brain’s receptors. One or two glasses give you a buzz and a warm feeling that makes you want to get it going with your partner. Even though red wine stimulates both men and women, the level of stimulation in women is higher.



When sex and alcohol are involved, the secret always lies in the opening and sharing a bottle of red wine with your partner. Red wine could help improve your sex life significantly, more so if either or both of you have been experiencing a diminished sex drive. Rather than considering supplements and other potentially hazardous interventions, look no further than red wine if you want to get into the mood.