The 4 Benefits of Autoplay Explainer Videos to Your Business

The 4 Benefits of Autoplay Explainer Videos to Your Business

If you’re an internet scavenger, or you visit different websites frequently, you must have come across autoplayexplainer videos. As the name suggests, these videos play automatically once you open a web page or land on a website’s homepage. They are usually embedded on blog pages, home pages, and high-traffic articles. These are the best spots to create positive contact with your prospects. But, the truth is few people will actually click on those videos to watch. That can be a huge loss of money and time because nobody is watching the videos. That’s why you need to add the autoplay function to your explainer videos to allow as many users as possible to see them. But of what benefit are autoplay explainer videos to your website?

Autoplay allows more people to view your explainer videos as they browse your web pages

Most people will not know that a video is useful unless they play it. But a few people actually click on a video when they visit any website. However, when you include the autoplay function to your explainer videos, the videos will play automatically, and the visitors will be compelled to watch them and get your brand message. The good thing is that they can watch the videos as they browse through your web pages.

Autoplay explainer videos can significantly increase your conversions

Statistically, videos are much more engaging than text, and they can increase a site’s conversion rate 3fold. If you can convince prospects to watch your videos by introducing the autoplay function, you will witness a substantial increase in your sales. That’s because people tend to be more connected to a product or service when it’s presented in video format.

Use of explainer videos is a sign of progressive organization

The fact that a lot of businesses and organizations don’t use videos in their marketing campaigns means that your business will be viewed as a tech-oriented and progressive organization. And because the modern day consumer is savvier enough, they want to buy products and services from businesses that embrace the latest technology. Which means you’ll have the edge over the competition when it comes to selling your products and services.

Autoplay explainer videos can help you harness tons of mobile users

Mobile users can watch your videos on the go. This is something that should be taken seriously as about half of the world population uses their mobile devices to search products and services online.


Explainer videos can certainly be a potent marketing tool for your business if done the right way. But you have to know that some viewers see autoplay videos as ads. Therefore, in the long run, it will depend on the interests and preference of prospective customers.

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