The 3 Best Animation Styles for Your Explainer Videos

The 3 Best Animation Styles for Your Explainer Videos

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re looking for ideas on how to make your explainer videos pop. Statistics show that a website that contains more than one video needs fewer visitors (37% fewer visitors) to pick the attention of the market. In other words, a website that is largely dominated by video attracts the attention of more prospective customers than one that is dominated by text. So if you decide to make explainer videos, there is one important thing you’ll need to do; choose an animation style to use. That’s why we’ve taken the time to highlight the best animation styles for explainer videos you can leverage:

Explainer videos animation style #1: Cartoon

When we talk about the most detailed animation styles out there, cartoon style tops the list. When you want an animation style that will pay attention to details and express emotions, cartoon style is one of the options. Just like you used to watch cartoons during your childhood, they are lively due to constant contact between characters. Plus, it tends to evoke the good old memories of childhood. So you can do really well with cartoon style animations.

Explainer videos animation style # 2: Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation explainer videos are rapidly becoming popular with business owners and marketers because of their simplicity. They are well-suited for corporate training videos, as well as demo videos. In terms of design, they appear sketchy and are less detailed than cartoon explainer videos. They serve to pass across the message than featuring awesome colors and gradation.

Explainer videos animation style # 3: Motion graphics

The use of motion graphics can bring life to your explainer videos. Motion graphics injects life into static content. While motion graphics don’t focus a lot on characters and emotions, it brings out small details that you might not experience in life. Motion graphics explainer videos have a lot in common with whiteboard explainer videos, only that they tend to be more colorful and attractive. Motion graphics videos also feature a huge array of fonts, illustration styles, and color combinations; which explains why they are suited for startups that need explainer videos to introduce new products or services to its audience.


Other explainer video animation styles that you will stumble across out there include kinetic topography, cuttoon, live actions and screen capture. The kind of animation style you choose will depend on the nature of your business, your brand culture and target audience. So keep those in mind before you select an animation style for your explainer videos.

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