The 6 Best Explainer Video Companies That Will Help You Create Custom Explainer Videos

Interested in creating custom explainer videos? Check out these 6 best explainer video companies and choose one!

Choosing a reliable and a well-prepared video production company to create your new video is really important, however, keep in mind that is not an easy task. If you do your own research online, you will discover lots of different options with different skills, abilities, and services involved. Picking the one that suits your needs is the ultimate goal, but, as we said before, it is not easy.

We don’t want to scare you, especially now that you are preparing to start with your new explainer video project, so that is why, we have chosen the 6 best explainer videos companies with the best skills, expertise, and portfolio you could find out there on the market. These companies are without a doubt the right choice for your video project, especially if you are interested in creating custom explainer videos.

Let’s start:

Yum Yum Videos

This video production company is considered to be one of the best on the market, and apparently, they are not ashamed to say so. All of their explainer videos are fully customized according to the needs, requirements, and specifications of the client. The quality of their work is supreme, they offer the best price-quality guarantee, and they have an amazing video production process. Yum Yum videos provide clients with a professional and integrated video marketing strategy to help them improve and grow their business.

2. Epipheo Studios

This is one of the oldest video production companies on the market and the first one to offer explainer video production. They will take a really good care of you and the overall production process, they will transform your idea into a reality and into a professionally done and fully customized explainer video. This company has an incredibly talented team, a team that will create the perfect video for presenting your new product, service or business message.

3. Explainify

When it comes to this company, we can make a list of the main concepts which these guys feel represented by, so you can better understand how they work. According to them, low-quality videos should be avoided as they are not good value, one-size-fits-all-videos can destroy brands, and life is too short for long stories. These guys also believe in making the complicated – simple, which is quite interesting.

4. Sandwich Video

This video production company specializes in live action videos and is probably the best one on the market for this style. They handle the overall production process as most of the video production companies do, however, they also help you with some of the distribution techniques by sharing and promoting your video through social media and other resources.

This company is known for delivering high-quality and high-resolution videos. They develop a wide variety of videos, such as editorials. Educational videos, personalized videos, ads, and etc. They accept any type of business, regardless of the size.

6. Blink Tower

Our last choice is Blink Tower, an amazing video production company that works with non-profit organizations, small companies, medium companies, and large corporations. They are convinced that the script of the video is a top priority and a secret to creating a perfect and custom explainer video.

In our opinion, these are the best explainer video companies that will help you create custom explainer videos that perfectly suit your type of business and the product or services you are offering. You can’t go wrong with any of these video production companies! So, take a few minutes, watch some of the videos they’ve made, and pick one!

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